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The End is Nigh

By Jeff Koch on April 14, 2011.

San Antonio 103, Phoenix 106  //  61-21  //  1st in the West

Ginobili lying on the floor, grimacing, clutching his right arm.

That’s the first image I saw when I started the game on NBA League Pass. For some cruel reason, the replay of the game started at the exact moment of Ginobilli’s injury, cutting out the meaningless 2 minutes and change that preceded it.

Of course, post-injury, the remainder of the game was fairly meaningless, as well. Losing to the Suns gave the Bulls the best record in the NBA, affecting any potential NBA Finals between the 2 teams 2 months from now. Irrelevant, at this point. It probably also lost Coach of the Year for Popovich, which I’m sure he cares nothing about.

The potential injury supersedes all else at this point for the Spurs. Even a first round victory against the Grizzlies could be in doubt without a healthy Ginobili. Initial X-Rays were negative, meaning no broken bone. The MRI is scheduled today, and should give the team a much clearer picture of what they’re dealing with.

Hopefully some good news and a playoff preview will be coming later today or tomorrow.

Here’s to a healthy right elbow.

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