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Cautionary Tale

By Jeff Koch on November 26, 2012.

The big drama heading into tonight’s game against the Wizards was who would play for the Spurs. After yesterday’s 2OT game in Toronto, there was much speculation that Pop would sit one or more of the big three. This is a totally understandable thought, especially considering Pop’s penchant for doing such a thing. I had a hunch that everybody would play, though; you have an 0-11 team down their franchise player. You can’t pass up free(ish) wins on the road.

So everyone waited to see who would play. And we found out that there would be no changes…and that was almost precisely where the drama ended.

Sure, there was still a game to be played. But just watching the two teams compete, it became clear quite early that with minimal effort and routine execution (by the Spurs’ standards), this game would be pretty easy. And it was.

And that’s your analysis for tonight: the Spurs are better than about 80% of the league just by virtue of their system, their execution, and their chemistry. We are lucky to root for a team that plays such an elegant style of basketball on both ends of the floor. Can you imagine being a lifelong Wizards fan?

Up next: Orlando on Wednesday. Then the real question: who will play in Miami on Thursday? All signs point to this being the game that Pop gives off to Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili. The game is the marquee game on TNT Thursday…and you just know Pop loves snubbing the NBA ever so subtly by sitting key players in big games. Plus, this is the game we have the least chance of winning based on injury (nobody on the roster equipped to guard LeBron) and schedule (the fourth game in five days for the Spurs, the Heat will have been off since Saturday).

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