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Ate A Wheel of Cheese and Pooped in the Fridge

By Jeff Koch on December 12, 2012.

Ugh. Just ugh. Everything about this game (save for Tim Duncan) was pure ugh.

“Ugh” as in one great play followed by two terrible ones followed by a head-scratching one followed by a lucky one. “Ugh” as in losing complete control of the game, clawing our way back in, seemingly taking control, and then giving it all away again at the end. “Ugh” as in Danny Green stupidly fouling on a fast break, then throwing the ball away on a simple pass (leading to another fast break), then making a great pump fake and scoring our last points of the game, then playing great individual defense on the last play… only to have Mo Williams hit a contested 3-pointer in his face at the buzzer. “Ugh” as in missing roughly 263 (by my count) shots at the basket. “Ugh” as in wasting an all-timer from Duncan. “Ugh” as in one of those Manu games (kind of epitomizes what I’m talking about): turnovers, amazing assists, bad decisions, winning plays that only he can make. “Ugh” as in those Gary Neal shots that always go in not going in. “Ugh” as in outrebounding the Jazz but not being able to get the last one. “Ugh” as in giving up 4 three pointers to Hayward, each one seemingly bigger than the last.

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune)

So yeah. Ugh.

We really had no right winning that game, but probably shouldn’t have lost it. The Jazz are very tough at home, and Utah is a notoriously difficult place to play. We were going to lose another game on the road, so this one kind of makes sense. But it stings to come this close and let one slip away.

The interesting question, looking forward, is what will happen tomorrow night. Had we won this game, I think Pop would have rested at least 2 key players. But after the loss, and with Portland dealing with some injury issues, there is extra motivation for the win, and it is there for the taking. (I’ll be in attendance, as well, and Pop owes me after last year’s 40-point debacle that I sat courtside for.) A win in Portland would still make the mini-road trip a success.

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