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Sweeping Out the Ashes

By Jeff Koch on April 28, 2013.

San Antonio 103, Los Angeles Lakers 82
Spurs win series 4-0

Mercifully, the series is over.

Dwight Howard is a coward. If you didn’t see that ejection coming, you haven’t been paying attention to Howard this season and series. He’s a fantastic talker, complainer, jokester, and physical specimen; he is an above average basketball player sorely lacking in heart, intelligence, and competitive desire. He wanted no part o this game, and took any excuse to get out of it. I’ll take Duncan over him any day. I’ll take either Gasol brother over him. Hell, I might take Baynes over him right now.

I hope the Lakers overpay him this offseason and slide into the no-man’s land of the NBA: above average mediocrity. One less team to worry about moving forward. I had no fear of him coming in to this series, because I knew how easy it would be to take him out of his game, frustrate him, and shut down the team through him. Tonight’s ejection was just the cherry on top of the series.

And while the Lakers offered very little resistance in the series, there was a lot to gain for the Spurs. Playoff rhythm and reps, some well-earned rest, a chance to shake off the cobwebs and work through the kinks. Ginobili and Parker in particular seemed to have returned to form (Parker seemed to get better quarter to quarter), and Green and Neal both got some yips out of their shooting. Bonner is playing well, as is Blair; Joseph is a revelation; and Duncan is steady as she goes.

And now we get several days off, a chance to get healthy and fully prepare for either potential opponent. Based on the last few games, it looks like Golden State has a great chance to pull out the series. I like that match-up for the Spurs, as we can match them big and small, and have a few good defenders to throw at Curry (my God, did he put on a performance in the 3rd quarter tonight; holy smokes). Plus, as well as Curry is playing, that ankle is really bothering him, and could come back to haunt the team.

However, I expect Denver to win at home on Tuesday night, pushing the series to at least Thursday.

Time is on our side.

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