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Enjoy The Silence

By Jeff Koch on November 24, 2013.

Cleveland 96, San Antonio 126

So we’re all in agreement that we don’t need a recap of that game, right?

What could I even say? The Spurs were up by 43 after slightly less than 27 minutes of game time. That number is so absurd that it almost defies comprehension. The Spurs scored at least 30 points in every quarter, with most of the second half being played by second and third string players. The game was such a blowout that it probably actually hurt the Spurs defensive numbers by allowing the Cavaliers to play competent-looking offense in the second half with absolutely nothing at stake. The 30-point margin doesn’t even begin to tell the beat down this game was.

Or these tweets from Steve Kerr. And let’s look at that box score. Every Spurs scored at least 6 points, none more than 17. Every player had at least one rebound. Every bench player had at least two assists. 104 of the 126 points came from inside the paint, behind the 3-point line, or free throws. This is what the Spurs’ offense can look like with an even average Tim Duncan and made 3-pointers. Scary.

The game also gave us this video and this all-time Matt Bonner gif (courtesy of PtR). Could there be anything more endearing or more Spurs-like (the Spurs we know and love, at least)?

Again, what would I even say? Enjoy your Sunday.

Spurs’ next game is Monday night at home agains the Pelicans. I’m really excited for this game as New Orleans has been playing well of late, are one of those ‘up and coming’ teams with ‘potential’ that the Spurs have been schooling for years, and have one of the more dynamic young players in Anthony Davis who seems to be making a leap this year. This will be a good game and challenge for San Antonio.

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