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The Devil’s Due

By Jeff Koch on February 21, 2014.

San Antonio 85, Phoenix 106

2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

2 victories on the tail end of the rodeo road trip was always going to be seen as a success, no matter the configuration they came in. After pulling off the impressive back-to-back against LA and Portland (a game I still have not seen because of the blackout rules, hence no recap), the Phoenix game became gravy. I thought we still had a fighting chance given the way this team has been playing.

Those thoughts were quickly dispelled about 3 minutes into the 2nd quarter.

The worm was bound to turn on this road-weary team, and tonight it turned in spectacular fashion, team-wide. The scorching hot Patty Mills made up for every crazy make over the last few weeks by shooting 2 for 14, throwing up brick after brick. That’s bad. The team was 2 for 21 from 3. That’s bad. They had 13 TOs for 17 Phoenix points…in the first half. That’s bad. Over one stretch they gave up a 19-0 run. That’s bad. Over a similar stretch they shot 7 for 35, 20%. That’s bad. They shot 35% for the game. That’s bad. They scored a combined 34 points over the 2nd and 3rd quarter. That’s bad. You get the idea.

Not a single player had what might be described as a “good” game. Shannon Brown might have literally played himself off the team (after his second 10-day contract expires).

On the flip side, Phoenix seemingly couldn’t miss a shot. Ish Smith had the game of his career. Who? Exactly. Gerald Green looked like a young Dwyane Wade.

It was just one of those nights. They happen in the NBA to all teams. Being on the road over a month, staring 4 days off and a slew of home games (not to mention just time at home) in the face, it’s hard not to forgive the team a rare night off against a very good team playing at home. What can you do? The Rodeo Trip is still an unqualified success, the team is getting healthy for the stretch run, and they have 4 days off before facing Detroit at home, a chance to avenge one of the poorer road trip losses.

Enjoy your weekend and don’t think too much about tonight’s game; that’s what the Spurs will be doing.

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