On the Monday before Thanksgiving, I received an exciting text message from my friend Adam Fleming, aka Adam Flembot.

Me and my buddy Matt are writing a Spurs rap song called “Race for Seis.”

After waiting patiently the last three weeks, I am now proud and excited to announce the world premier of Adam and Matt’s hip-hop masterpiece: “Race for Seis.”

While you’re enjoying the beats, read the chat between me and Adam below to learn how the song was developed.

Dan: What inspired you to write this song?

Adam: I don’t know man. I’ve been a Spurs fan for so long and it’s just a pivotal season for us. Knowing that the curtain is closing on Tim’s career and we really are in a race against time so to say. I’ve been hearing people say ‘Race for Seis’ and my buddy Matt and I were tooling around with the idea of making something around it. The first time we sat down to write something down we were like “Let’s start with the hook. It’s got to say ‘Race for Seis’ in it.” Then we were like, “Yeah, but we also need to tell people what to do when you’re listening to it.” Remember how the Chicago Bears’ Super Bowl Shuffle had a little dance that went with it? We wanted there to be a move or something that went with it. Then Matt just blurted out, “Throw your five high” and held his hand up. Then I said, “And throw one to the side,” and I put one finger up. Then we literally looked at each other and at the same time said, “It’s a Race for Seis!” (laughs) From that point, we knew what the hook would be.

Dan: That’s awesome. So how long did it take you to write it?

Adam: We got together over two or three games. We would just sit and jot down ideas while we were watching the game. There are a ton of bad Spurs rap lyrics laying around in my notebook now, too. (laughs) We had more lines about some of our other older favorite players, but in the end, we wanted the song to be about this season and what’s happening now. I went to that triple overtime game against Memphis the other night, and woke up the next morning feeling like I had to finish the song that day. So I spent yesterday morning finishing it all up, mixing it down as well as I could.

Dan: Well it sounds great. Did you record it at home? Did you sample anyone?

Adam: Yeah, it was all done on my Mac through Logic Pro. But there’s no samples at all other than the drums. I recorded all the instrumentation. The little ‘Go Spurs Go’ loop is just me trying to do a news anchor voice. (laughs) My buddy Matt Hoopengardner co-wrote the lyrics with me.

Dan: How would it feel to hear this song at AT&T Center during a home game? Or on TNT? I think Charles Barkley needs to hear this.

Adam: OMG. I would flip dude. It would be such an honor. I mean, to have Spurs fans hear this at a home game?! I could die a happy man. (laughs) And yeah, funny you should say that. We had a line in the song about how Barkley always calls us out and stuff. We took a little stab at him, but in the end we took it out. We wanted the song to be all positive. But yeah, I bet Barkley would dig this. I want to see Shaq and Kenny do the little dance to it and put their hands up like a five and and a one! That would definitely be the highlight of my life! (laughs)

Dan: Anything else you want to say?

Adam: Yeah man, thanks to you, of course, and the Spurs Dynasty crew for bringing the Spurs Dynasty podcast to life! I love listening to you, Stephen, Brantley, Noriel and Jeff every week. Also, thanks to the rest of my Spurs family around the nation. I’ve met so many cool Spurs fans over the years, including you so randomly years ago. It’s funny how when you meet a Spurs fan outside of Texas, it’s such an instant kind of kinship and bond because, as you know, if you’re from San Antonio and grew up in a Spurs family, it really is such a big thing and a huge part of your life. I’ll never forget that Spurs-Kings game we went to. Timmy had a monster game against Cousins. And Sean Elliot and Cousins got into after the game! (laughs) But yeah, Go Spurs Go man. Let’s win for Selena, dude. (laughs)

Photo credit: Spurs Jesus