Season 51, Game 75
San Antonio 106, Washington 116
43-32, 6th in the West

The Spurs are a bad road team.

One of the things that makes this season so (un)remarkable is just how bad the Spurs are on the road. One of the consistent pillars of the teams string of 50-win seasons has been their ability to take care of business on the road. They always have a winning road record. Always. A shorthand to gauge the true greatness of a team is to compare road wins to home losses: the greater the difference, the better the team. Right now, the Spurs are +6.

For comparison, the Rockets (the best team in the league) are +24. The Warriors are +16. The rest of the bunched up West fighting for the playoffs are all similar to the Spurs, which only goes to prove how ordinary this team is.

What’s more disturbing, though, is that the Spurs are the worst road team of any current playoff team, East or West. Dead last. Only the Nuggets (still fighting, but outside of the playoff picture) are a worse road team. Not a good stat for a team certain to start the playoffs on the road against a better team.

Honestly, this road mediocrity was the first sign that this season wasn’t going as planned. Even before the big swoon that dropped the team from 3rd in the West to 10th, they did not have a good road record. The signs were there, they were just able to paper over them. But now we know: the team is just kind of meh.

As for the actual game, there’s not much to say. They were kind of meh. LaMarcus Aldridge left the game late in the first half with what is being called a knee contusion and really this season just keeps getting worse. The hope is that he won’t be out long. Even if he plays, the schedule is not easy the rest of the way, home or road. But without LaMarcus, this team is absolutely dead in the water screwed.

But hey, at least our next game is at home. Against the Thunder, a team that has given us big problems this season.

Go Spurs Go.