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Information about this year’s Spurs Silver Dancers can be found here. I’ve seen quite a few people disparage our Silver Dancers as having a low drool factor, but I think they’re pretty delectable myself. And I’m sure they’re all intelligent, interesting individuals and most certainly not sex objects.

This is an old story already, but I have to say a few words about what some have seen as an apocalyptic defeat for the NBA. Bullshit. The Craptors played a preseason game against Maccabi Tel Aviv, an Israeli team that has historically been dominant in the Euroleague – the second-best basketball league in the world. They have won, for example, three of the past five Euroleague championships. Their win…

There’s been a lot of noise in the media about the new dress code being instituted by the NBA, and I thought we here at Spurs Dynasty should put our two cents in. My take is (relatively) short and sweet: The NBA certainly has the right to do this, just like any other employer. The players should suck it up and deal with it – as they should even if…

Buy them online (through Ticketbastard, unfortunately) here. Get down to the SBC/AT&T Center and support our Spurs as they dismantle the league.

We here at SpursDynasty know it. Steve Kerr knows it… from Spurs dynasty? It’s got a certain ring to it -”The Spurs appear on the verge of a dynasty, having already won three titles in seven years and showing no signs of weakening.” Now you know it.

Just last night I was saying that I doubt the Tony-Eva romance will amount to much. Tony is busy building the Spurs Dynasty in San Antonio while Eva is playing a desperate housewife in Los Angeles. How could their long distance relationship be serious? “Desperate Housewives” Eva Longoria is dropping hints that she’s ready to become engaged to her pro basketball boyfriend, San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker. Could it be…

Thanks to two posters on SpursReport, Eddy from Austin (for the first pic) and Jan 21 2005 (for the logo). And yes, for anyone who’s wondering, that is indeed our own Fabri “Oh, Boy!” Oberto schooling Marks in the second photo.

In his first game back from his career- and potentially life-threatening spinal cord injury, former University of Texas star T.J. Ford scored 17 points and passed for 4 assists. What an amazing story. I seriously doubted that he could or would ever play in the NBA again. Keep proving me wrong, T.J.!

There’s one stat I did like from this game, however. There’s a nice fat “4″ at the intersection of “Sean Marks” and “BS.” And no, that doesn’t stand for “bullshit.” Apparently he also had a couple of dunks, one of them quite shizznitilating, on passes from Manu.

Our condolences to the family and friends of Jason Collier, who passed away this morning, apparently because of a heart condition. Jason was a five-year NBA veteran currently playing for the Atlanta Hawks. Let’s hope the same thing doesn’t happen to Eddy Curry down the road. Life is a fragile and tenuous thing. Make the most of it.