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Game 4 San Antonio @ Denver: Spurs 96, Nuggets 89 (3-1) Just another Picasso for your San Antonio Spurs. God does this team make everything tense. It is tempting to think that the Nuggets couldn’t have possibly given us this much of a battle in 2005, but then you look at the box scores and see that we only won Game 3 by 8 and game 4 went to overtime…. Got it in, with 4 minutes to go before Game 4! There’s no time!!!!

Ah well, it wasn’t easy or particularly enjoyable at times, but that’s one. Just a mere 15 to go. Overall I thought it was an uneven performance where both teams got better offensively and worse defensively as the game wore on. Wait, why am I writing this stuff above the scoreline? Game 2 Denver @ San Antonio: Spurs 97, Nuggets 88 (1-1)Where was I? Oh right, anyway for the most…

Okay, here’s the deal. I basically killed myself Tuesday night/Wednesday morning writing a couple of stories. I messed up my system something awful on No-Doz, and I’m just now recovering from an awful headache I had pretty much all of Thursday. To say I’ve fallen behind on the basketball writing would be a bit of an understatement, akin to suggesting that I was less than pleased with Tony’s play in…

In case you have some time to kill before tomorrow’s game 3 in Denver, you’ll find some video highlights below. NBA TV Top 10: April 25 Spurs 97, Nuggets 88 (Game 2) Tim Duncan post-game interview Bowen, Finley and Ginobli: After the game Spurs coach Gregg Popovich on preparing for Game 3

Yesterday was Tim Duncan’s 31st birthday. To celebrate the occasion, his San Antonio Spurs managed to lose a 17 point lead in the fourth quarter against an NBA playoff team with Eduardo Najera in the rotation. Don’t get me wrong, I like Najera, and the rest of the Nuggets. I just didn’t think we would be playing them in late April. And I was still stinging from the close loss… Soooooo sleepy.

Poof. Just like that, the Spurs (and the Mavericks*) lost their homecourt advantage yesterday. Mr. Robot Face must screw head back on. (Jerry Lara/ Express-News)The good news is that the Spurs kept it close against the Nuggets, and came back to within two in the closing seconds, despite having a truly atrocious shooting day. I doubt that Iverson and Anthony will play this well again against the Spurs. How awful… I am exhausted though.