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San Antonio 113, Denver 112 // 22-3 // This game perfectly highlighted why our “Big 3” may still be the best out there, or at least the 3 that play the nicest together. Tony got things going for us in the first half and was dominating at will. He was probing into the lane, breaking down the defense, and either scoring or passing out to wide open shooters. We started the game flat as hell, and if not for Parker and Duncan carrying the load and keeping us afloat, Denver might have run us out of the gym. continue reading

Milwaukee 90, San Antonio 92 // 21-3 // You can have Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, or anybody else you want. With the game on the line in the last 2 minutes, I’ll take Manu Ginobili. He is the clutchest of clutch. Not just his shooting, which is superb. But he just makes plays, whether it be a huge rebound in traffic, a steal from an unsuspecting big, or just drawing a foul and getting to the line (where he is, again, clutch). He can play 46 minutes of crap ball, but with the game in the balance, you know he’ll continue reading

In case you missed it, Tim, Manu, Tony and RJ are on the front page of Yahoo! Sports today, accompanied by two articles about the league-leading Spurs. Johnny Ludden, formerly of the San Antonio Express-News, writes:Today, the Spurs look a little more healthy and engaged. They play faster and their bench is considerably longer. Their black-and-silver core, however, remains unchanged: Duncan-Ginobili-Parker-Popovich. In an era when the NBA feels continue reading

Portland 78, San Antonio 95 // 20-3 // Watching the game, it certainly had the feel of a vintage championship Spurs team performance: clogged passing lanes, deflected passes, great rotations, lots of one-on-one from the Blazers players, shots jacked up as the shot clock expires. It’s nice to know that that Spurs team still lurks inside this new offensive juggernaut, and that when the winter thaws and continue reading

Atlanta 92, San Antonio 108 // 19-3 // If someone just looked at the final score of this game, or just tuned in for the 4th quarter, they wouldn’t realize what a total uglyfest this game was. For three quarters, at least. Much like in our last loss against the Clippers, the team looked flat and a bit disinterested. The offense was in complete disarray; the team looked like they had just met in the locker room before the game. There was just no crispness to the team. Luckily, some solid defense and the Hawks seeming continue reading

Golden State 94, San Antonio 111 // 18-3 // Don’t look now, but George Hill is back. He has quietly put together a really nice stretch of games, pushing his scoring average up to near 12 ppg. More importantly, he seems to have rediscovered his stroke (especially from deep), his confidence, and his defensive prowess. He never gets mentioned as an elite defender in the national press, but show me 3 players that play better perimeter defense in this league. That’s right; you can’t. continue reading

It’s not a rhetorical question. Are they? All signs point to “yes.” Yes, after 20 games, the Spurs 17-3 record is best in the NBA. Yes, about half of those wins have come against playoff teams, including the Suns, Rockets, Thunder, Bulls, Jazz, Magic, and the Hornets (twice). Yes, most power rankings put the Spurs at #1. Even with a loss to the Clippers, the Spurs have the best record…

New Orleans 84, San Antonio 109 // 17-3 // Sometimes a timeout can be the key moment in a game. Up 28 at the half, the Hornets raced out to a 9-2 start in the 3rd quarter, cutting the deficit to 21 points. The Spurs looked flat and complacent and were playing as if they had already won the game. One of my greatest fears in a game is getting up by more than 20 in the first half. NBA games are too long, and teams too good, for any first half lead to be safe. But it’s human nature to ease up when you get up big early…

Spurs 107, Timberwolves 101 // 16-3 // Giving up offensive rebounds makes me angrier than Pop after a phantom travel that was never called. The most important aspect of a successful defensive possession is ending it, and the only ways to do that are by turnover or rebound. If you can’t rebound, you can’t be a good defensive team. Or a championship team. When you lose the rebounding edge by 22 (59-37), you usually lose the game. When you collect 29 defensive rebounds to the opponent’s 24 offensive rebounds…

Clippers 90, Spurs 85 // 15-3 // We were due for one of these games. After watching just a few minutes of the game, it was pretty clear that the Spurs had no energy, the Clippers were hungry for a win, and it was going to come down to the Spurs indomitable execution and experience against the Clippers ferocious desire to get a win in a season devoid of them. In the end, will won out. The Spurs executed decently, but were unable to hit any shots. Jumpers were flat; layups rolled off the rim; 3-balls were well off the mark (we ended the game 9-30, but threw in 2 cheap ones in the last minute continue reading